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Want top SEO content writing services for high-quality content that ranks?

Looking to drive qualified traffic to your website through SEO-friendly content?

Well, it’s your lucky day because you’ve found me. 😎

I’m Qhubekani Nyathi aka The Click Guy, a Smart Blogger and Digital Marketer certified content marketer with 6+ years of experience in search marketing.

SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media. So hiring top-notch SEO professional writers for your website content is a smart business investment.

Maybe you are wondering…

What Is An SEO Web Content Writer Or SEO Writing Service Provider?

An SEO content writer specializes in crafting engaging, actionable web content that not only delights people but also ranks in search engines and drives organic traffic to a website.

My SEO Content Writer Job Description In Brief…

Writing delicious blog content that pleases people and search engine algorithms.

Note that people always come first. In fact, SEO content is a misnomer because superb content focuses on people, not robots.

Done right, this drives organic traffic and a steady flow of website visitors aka potential clients.

Want To Hire An SEO Content Writer? Avoid This Costly Mistake…

Getting the cheapest content writer you can find.

You think you are cutting costs but it always ends in heartbreak. You waste precious resources on worthless writers who resort to keyword stuffing. Cheap content doesn’t grow your business or get you to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). Instead, it will damage your online presence reputation.

Thinking Of Hiring A Full-time Writer? Here’s The SEO Copywriter Salary Range…

Search for “SEO content writer salary” on the Salary site and you will see a $40k to $80k+ salary for expert writers with many years of experience who understand SEO strategy, search terms, keyword research, and how to work with an account manager or content team. So be prepared to invest decent money if you want a content writer who knows how to write original content for websites and help you rank on Google.

While hiring a full-time SEO expert would be great, not everyone can afford it.

The next best thing?

Hiring Top Freelance SEO Writers For Quality Content Creation

That’s where I come in.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this:

You are not here for fancy words.

Powerful high-ranking blog posts aren’t about language flair (although I must admit that’s nice 😃).

You want results:

  • Traffic.
  • Signups.
  • Leads.
  • Customers.

In a word, you want better ROI or ROAS.

That’s exactly what my two premium copywriting services will get you.

Professional SEO Content Writing Services

#1. Long-Form Pillar Posts 

Long-form posts (2,000+ words) are linkable assets, traffic drivers, and lead generators. They include evergreen posts, ultimate guides, how-to guides, and in-depth reviews. Here’s what you get:

          Custom SEO article guided by your content brief.
          Extensive competitor research and content gap analysis.
          Data-backed insights with up-to-date statistics.
          Images and screenshots to improve understanding and readability.
          Full on-page SEO optimization including the meta description.
          Fresh relevant niche examples and case studies.
          Actionable tips that bring value to your target audience.
          Quotes from influencers in your niche whenever possible.
          Unlimited edits until you are happy.

Starts at $1275 for 2,000-2,400 words

30% Discount on package pricing: 4 x 2ooo words posts at $3,570 

The final price depends on the length, complexity, and research required.

I don’t do regular posts here. I only write big posts for big results. And only for serious brands that know the power of engaging content and are willing to invest in it.

*I deliver ordered content within 10 business days.

The exact turnaround time depends on the complexity of the topic and the word count.

*If you are not 100% satisfied with your content, within 30 days from the purchase date, I will fully refund the cost of your order.

Freelance Website Content Writing Services Topics Offered

I’ve written extensively on the following topics:

  • SaaS product reviews
  • Ecommerce
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing and strategy
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Landing pages
  • Video marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Small business marketing
  • Sales management

Over the years, I’ve helped many brands dominate front-page rankings.

Contact me now to discuss your SEO content writing services needs.


“He can take your outline, perform his own research, and craft a compelling piece of content that will educate, inspire, and entertain.”

Ahmad Benguesmia freelance SEO content writer testimonial

—Ahmad Benguesmia, Founder & CEO of Bengu

“Qhubekani is one of the few freelance content writers that can produce elite-level content and understand the types of content you want to be created. I’ve been through a laundry list of writers that can’t seem to grasp the big picture principles of content marketing for first-page SEO rankings. Qhubekani is a content creator that gets it. He can take your outline, perform his own research, and craft a compelling piece of content that will educate, inspire, and entertain. Hire him.”

#2. Done For You Turnkey Content Marketing Services And Digital Marketing Strategy

In this white-glove treatment service, I turn your blog into an SEO lead generation machine. I take over the running of your company blog from start to finish so you concentrate on closing sales and other important matters. You’ll get a reliable, repeatable, and scalable system for acquiring qualified leads. It covers:

Pillar Posts 2,000 to 3,000 words each ($2,325-$3,510)

You’ll get 3 fully optimized pillar posts per month, the best resources on the net on an important topic your audience cares about. A dozen such posts targeting your top 12 keywords will drive massive traffic, attract an avalanche of backlinks, and propel your marketing for years to come.

Keyword Research and Content Strategy ($2,500)

I’ll do thorough competitor research and put your content performance under the microscope to identify gaps and opportunities you can leverage. I’ll then pick 12 keywords with huge traffic potential and discuss them with you and your team.

Manual Link Building ($1,600)

Without backlinks, your posts won’t rank, period. So, I’ll use my guest blogging superpowers and connections in my network to get you relevant backlinks from reputable sites to get you to rank faster.

Lead generation forms and pop-ups ($1,000)

Your hard-won traffic must be turned into solid leads. To do that, you need conversion-friendly forms strategically placed in your posts and site. I’ll create fully optimized forms and pop-ups for you to maximize conversions.

Teaser email ($350)

To drive traffic to your site, I’ll write an irresistible custom email to market your posts to your audience so they click through and read them. This will boost traffic and engagement on your site.

Content promotion ($500)

Finally, I’ll run your post through my proven promotion system that includes niche influencer platforms and curated community content promotion sites. Plus, in certain cases, I’ll also do paid promotions to increase your content’s reach.

Bought separately, these services inch towards a hefty $10,000. 

But you can have it all starting at only $6,000 per month. 

If this isn’t a steal, I don’t know what is. This service is available only to select companies for whom it’s a perfect fit.

Meet Some Of My Upmarket Customers And See SEO Content Writing Samples

#1: Clickbank, The Brutally Honest, Must-Read Guide For 2021

Here’s what I achieved for one of my clients Smart Blogger, owned by the legendary blogger Jon Morrow:


They were targeting ‘Clickbank’ a super competitive phrase in the affiliate marketing space.

How do 938 backlinks, ranking for 942 keywords, and 2,7k recurring monthly targeted traffic sound to you?

Imagine the instant and long-term impact that kind of relevant traffic can have on your business. You can read the full case study for more details. 

Want an SEO-savvy freelance content writer that gets results like this? Then get in touch with me right away.

“I asked him to craft a piece of content that would rank on page one of Google within six months. Not only was Qhubekani up to the challenge, but it only took him three months.”


—Kevin Duncan, Editor In Chief of Smart Blogger

There are a lot of good freelance content writers out there, but few can craft content that’s appreciated by both readers and search engines. Qhubekani Nyathi knows how to create such content. For Smart Blogger, I provided him high-level details for a competitive keyword and asked him to craft a piece of content that would rank on page one of Google within nine months. Not only was Qhubekani up to the challenge, but it only took him three months.”

#2: How To Find And Validate Membership Site Ideas

I also helped Mirasee, a leading site in the online education space hit the front page of Google for two target keywords ‘‘how to find membership site ideas’ and ‘how to validate membership site ideas.’


Not only that. The article has 13x more shares than all posts published on the site in the same period.

#3: How To Optimize Preheader Text And Boost Your Email Open Rates

Another brand that benefited from my SEO content expertise is Zero Bounce, an email validation service provider. In their case, I helped them land the coveted Position Zero or the featured snippet within a month.


“In TWO MONTHS, his article rose to the top of the first page!”


Corina Leslie—PR Manager for email validation company ZeroBounce

“We all know how hard it is to rank on the first page of Google. It takes skill and many hours of work. When Qhubekani submitted his piece, I knew right away it was a gem, but didn’t expect it to rank so well, so soon. In TWO MONTHS, his article rose to the top of the first page! It’s #1, ahead of some of the most popular blogs in our industry. Qhubekani is an excellent freelance content writer, a pleasure to work with, and someone who will produce impressive results for your business.”

In short, my SEO blog writing service meets the latest best practices, addresses your content needs, and beats the competition.

SEO Writing: Not An Exact Science But Worth The Investment

Of course, there are no guarantees to ranking articles on Google.

There’s a lot that goes into SEO copywriting to get a website on the front page for your target web pages. It’s not just the copy.

All I’m saying is I’ve got the content marketing and long-form blog writing skills to help you. I can help your company blog or website pages become visible online to any client who is looking for your products or services. 

Yes, it won’t be easy. It takes time. Anything from 3 months to a year. SEO writers who tell you otherwise are lying.

But the results are well worth it.


Source: SEO Pressor

For a deluxe SEO copywriter who knows how to craft quality content that engages your target audience and attracts search engines, look no further. Don’t miss your turn to dominate competitors in search engines and drive qualified traffic to your site.

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