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I’m Qhubekani aka The Click Guy, a Jon Morrow certified and AWAI trained content marketer.

I’m a content scientist.

My work has been featured in top sites like Crazy Egg, Search Engine Watch, Smart Blogger, Business 2 Community, Get Response, The Drum, Conversion Sciences, and more.

According to my cheeky wife’s unsubstantiated claims, I’m an irresistibly handsome guy. Judge for yourself.

My English major teaching background gives me an unfair advantage to craft in-depth educational content for your business. Crafting clear fluff-free step-by-step B2B long-form guides is my forte. I’m a few courses away from graduating with a BA Communication Science degree so rest assured I know a thing or two about marketing 🙂

I’m a self-confessed content addict:

Whether I’m researching, writing, or promoting it, my freakiness invariably emerges. Speaking of promotion, Conversion Sciences was so thrilled by my engagement prowess on Twitter that they shipped a lab coat halfway across the world in appreciation.

I told you I’m a content scientist, didn’t I?!

I’m humbled that some respected folk on the web have said some nice (unsolicited) things about my content.

First up, Aaron Orendorff former Editor In Chief of Shopify and Forbes Top 10 B2B Content Marketer.

Here are Aaron’s words in full in case you’re reading this on your mobile:

“Lemme just echo what’s already been said: WOW, awesome, and my own … epic. This is THE definitive resource I’ll be turning to and sending writers to from now on. Seriously good work! Can’t wait to see what you cook up next, QT”

Next, Jacob McMillen, a multiple six-figure copywriter, content strategist and freelance writer coach.

Jacob’s words: “Solid insights…again great post.”

Finally, Lisa Jenkins, Managing Editor of Social Media Examiner tweeted my post as a must-read for writers.

Now that you’ve heard from content marketing influencers, I hope you’re confident that if you let me work on your content, it’ll be in good hands.

Enough about me.

Why are you here?

Frazzled by non-converting content? I can help with that.

Want to generate more leads? I can help with that.

Desire high-ranking content? I can help with that too.

Need a result-getting copywriter? I can help with that.

Want an epic authority-building piece? Certainly, I can help with that.


Want me to prove I can do all this for you? Then check out my samples to see who I’ve worked with in the past. Or, if you’re already thrilled about working with me, get in touch and tell me about your project.

Reaching out to me may be the best business decision you’ve ever made.

I look forward to partnering with you.